WF Code of Conduct

The Writers Forum Board has developed a Code of Conduct to be followed at Writers Forum events and meetings. It boils down to ‘Be civil and courteous to one another’.


Code of Conduct at Writers Forum Meetings

Writers Forum is dedicated to the positive pursuit of writing as a profession and artistic endeavor open to all who wish to join, pay the dues, and support each other. Respecting other members and guests is paramount. To that end, no bullying behavior will be tolerated. This includes but is not limited to:

  • making fun of someone in language or behavior at General Meetings
  • using more than time allotted for reading exhibitions
  • taking more than 3 minutes or three sentences to share Good News in open meetings while others are waiting a turn
  • angry outbursts in voice or behavior aimed at other members or guests
  • demanding membership or leadership positions without regard for procedures
  • intimidating behavior of any kind, as perceived by the person targeted, by objectionable language or actions.

Writers Forum has zero tolerance for this kind of behavior. All members and guests shall support this code and notify a Board Member when a violation of this Code occurs.

Courtesy is expected from all members and guests; however, it is the responsibility of all members and guests to protect each other at meetings by calling out violations of this Code.  No one will be permitted to violate the Code with the purpose of bullying for time or attention at meetings. Any member or visitor engaging in these violations while attending a meeting will be asked to leave.

It will be up to the Board to terminate the membership and refund the dues of any current member in good standing deemed to have violated this code.

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