October Meeting Date Changed

Howdy. We would like to remind everybody that the Saturday Writers Forum meeting this month has been moved to the THIRD Saturday, NEXT week, the 21st. This was to accommodate the guest speaker, poet Anna Elkins, who was already booked for the second Saturday. We will resume our normal second Saturday meetings in November. Thank you!

Anna’s program will include optional audience participation with writing exercises throughout.

Anna introduces her topic with a quote from Richard R. Nebuhr. Pilgrims are poets who create by taking journeys. She describes her presentation as follows: “What is the difference between see and seek? What is the quest at the heart of the question? This session will explore where writing takes us by delving beneath our surface impressions to the underglimmers, the spirit-aquifers, and the paths of the heart. It is there—deep into the interior roads—where we make pilgrimage to the sacred with our words.”

Anna Elkins is a traveling poet and painter. She earned a BA in art and English and an MFA and Fulbright Fellowship in poetry. Anna has written, painted, and taught on six continents. Her art hangs on walls around the world, and she has published four books, including the poetry collection, The Space Between. Anna lives with her easel and writing desk in the mythical State of Jefferson.

Meanwhile, take a peek at our guest speaker’s website!
Anna Elkins 2MB Crop for print

WF Code of Conduct

The Writers Forum Board has developed a Code of Conduct to be followed at Writers Forum events and meetings. It boils down to ‘Be civil and courteous to one another’.


Code of Conduct at Writers Forum Meetings

Writers Forum is dedicated to the positive pursuit of writing as a profession and artistic endeavor open to all who wish to join, pay the dues, and support each other. Respecting other members and guests is paramount. To that end, no bullying behavior will be tolerated. This includes but is not limited to:

  • making fun of someone in language or behavior at General Meetings
  • using more than time allotted for reading exhibitions
  • taking more than 3 minutes or three sentences to share Good News in open meetings while others are waiting a turn
  • angry outbursts in voice or behavior aimed at other members or guests
  • demanding membership or leadership positions without regard for procedures
  • intimidating behavior of any kind, as perceived by the person targeted, by objectionable language or actions.

Writers Forum has zero tolerance for this kind of behavior. All members and guests shall support this code and notify a Board Member when a violation of this Code occurs.

Courtesy is expected from all members and guests; however, it is the responsibility of all members and guests to protect each other at meetings by calling out violations of this Code.  No one will be permitted to violate the Code with the purpose of bullying for time or attention at meetings. Any member or visitor engaging in these violations while attending a meeting will be asked to leave.

It will be up to the Board to terminate the membership and refund the dues of any current member in good standing deemed to have violated this code.

Writers Forum Welcomes the New Year

Writers Forum welcomes 2017 with a great line-up of presentations on a variety of topics. On January 14, former game warden Steve Callan will speak on writing his sequel memoir, The Game Warden’s Son. 

On February 1, we’ll enjoy the Edgar-award winning play,  The Game’s Afoot or Holmes for the Holidays, by Ken Ludwig. Tickets will be $20 each, or two for $30. The play will be at Riverfront Playhouse, 1620 E. Cypress Street, Redding.

This fundraiser is intended to offset the loss of the Author’s Fair last month, which was an important funding source for Writers Forum. Between member dues and fundraisers, we are able to send out a monthly newsletter, provide refreshments at the Writers Forum meetings, and provide small scholarships for young writers.

Tickets will be available for purchase at the January 14 Writers Forum meeting.

No 2016 Authors Fair

Unfortunately, the Writers Forum will not be sponsoring an Authors Fair in 2016.

The issue was discussed at the last board meeting on September 8. We still had no confirmation that the mall would be available for us to use. Alternative venues had been discussed at the June meeting, but we could think of no alternatives that fit our needs (such as high walk-by traffic, which is so important for book sales) that would be within our budget.

There is a silver lining! The money that would have gone towards the Authors Fair for things such as advertising and venue fees will now be redirected towards purchasing some tech equipment for the Writers Forum. We currently borrow some of our tech equipment when we have audio/visual components to the monthly meeting. Sometimes this results in equipment ‘glitches’, such as the one that occurred at the last meeting. The Critique Group panel could not show the video component of their presentation due to technical difficulties arising from borrowed equipment.

Hopefully, we can get the Authors Fair back on schedule next year.