A Message From the President: March, 2013

I hope everybody has cleared their weekend for the special off-site Writers Forum Meeting featuring Keith Raffel at Shasta College Saturday, the 9th of March. This is another in a line of programs that we are sure makes it worthwhile to be a member.

But enough on that; the March Writers Forum newsletter & this site have plenty of him and this event.

I’ve been thinking about motivation and writing. Sometimes I have a lot of topics/ideas running through this old head; then there are the days that the well runs dry (and most times I never remember the better ideas). I have nothing but admiration for those journalists that meet deadlines on a daily basis. Scott Mobley of the Record Searchlight was one of those. Among his duties was to write the normally dull weather forecasting/recapping articles. With a MFA in Writing under his belt, he’d inevitably make them exciting.  I miss his style. Heck, even the boring (but exciting in person) antics at City Hall meetings were a joy to read. Some peeps got it, some don’t.

We have officer elections coming up. Normally they are held at the March meeting, but since that meeting will be attended by many, many non-members (note my positive attitude) it was decided to postpone the elections to April. We should have a full slate to present, but if any lurkers are thinking about getting involved, please contact me.

Oh, and start planning/writing for the June Members Read Around. It’s never too early to start sorting through those words you’ve penned and fine tune them.

See ya.

Larry Watters,

Writers Forum President

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