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 Saturday, January 13 ~ 10:30-12:30

Multi-genre author and writing instructor Pam Spinosi will tackle the topic of punctuation and how it affects writers in all genres. She will explain, with humor, writing exercises, and a few words of caution, what can go wrong when those pesky little marks are misused or left out altogether.

Armed with a Master’s degree in English, Pam taught English as a second language in Estonia, Finland, France and briefly, England. She also taught college-level ESL, English Comp and French 1 in the U.S. She moved to Redding in 2005 from France and has worked at Bethel Church since 2006. In writing classes, workshops and conferences, she gives tailored writing assignments and does her part to help preserve the vanishing apostrophe. 

Pam has copy-edited several books and has compiled and authored chapters in two books published by Destiny Image Publishers: An Apple for the Road: Wisdom for the Journey and An Apple a Day: Health in Every Realm.  Under her pseudonym, P.J. Peregrine, she has self-published five children’s picture books:  I Like the Birds, I Like the Fish, Get Me to the Sea, The Good Trade and Mama Heidi Loves. Several other titles await illustration.

Writers Forum meets from 10:30am – 12:30pm monthly (except for July and August) in the All Saints Episcopal Church Memorial Hall Room located at 2150 Benton Drive, Redding, CA. Doors open at 10am. The public is welcome to get acquainted with two free visits before joining. Annual membership dues are $25.

Keep checking this site for more information on future program content as it becomes available.  For further information about Writers Forum, email


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