Coming Attractions


   Saturday, April 8, 10:30 – 12:30

Elements of Fiction: Writing a Publishable Story

On Saturday, April 8, Edgar Award-winning author Charlie Price returns to Writers Forum to offer insights into how his use of the many elements of fiction resulted in his being honored with the mystery genre’s most prestigious award. He’ll share his advice on creating setting and characters, plotting and pacing the story, realistic dialogue, and effective revision practices.

Price is a long-standing member of Writers Forum, and the author of six highly successful Young Adult novels, including The Interrogation of Gabriel James, for which he won the Edgar. His second book, Desert Angel, was optioned by a major TV and film company. Charlie is published by Random House in the United Kingdom and Thierry Magnier in France.

Price graduated from Stanford in the late 60’s and has lived in Italy, New York City, Oakland, and Mexico before settling in Northern California. To see more about Charlie Price, visit his website at

For details, visit or email

Writers Forum meets monthly on the second Saturday. The public is welcome to get acquainted with two free visits before joining. Annual membership dues are $25.


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