Fridays With Dale: Poverty and Adversity

Dale Angel


Poverty and Adversity

By Dale Angel



Poverty and Adversity travel together. They will stop by uninvited and visit, sometimes staying a lifetime. Through ignorance, inexperience, and sometimes to forces beyond our control, we find we are no match for them. Like a disease, it permeates the blood lines. We pass it on to our children.

You know when you have been selected to keep company with them, especially if this is a new concept for you. If you have had this problem for years, you don’t even know you have it. You think it’s normal to do battle every day in an economic war. You compliantly hand over your paycheck for decades and decades. Sometimes undermining your own best interests in favor of a temporary amusement, it brings self-induced poverty, or maybe unforeseen circumstances put you in hock through no fault of your own.

 When you find yourself in plastic shoes attached to an old truck tire recycled into shoe soles an outfit of sleazy material from the sale…sale…last call sale, that is a red flag…unless this is voluntary.

Language that suggests agitation, with one octave off hysteria is another sign. A wrinkled brow and teeth that needs attention–they are at your house, maybe moved in. If the light bill is foreclosing and you see the bridge as an option, this is full blown poverty with its companion adversity.

 Today’s economic market place depends on your cooperation and belief that their programs are designed for your best interests. They want you to believe they are doing you a favor. Debt comes under many sweet sounding names and can be lethal.

 Adversity and poverty do have some merit. They are valuable instructors. We can learn from our enemy. It takes commitment and focus and courage to plan our escape. I’m running as fast as I can to get free. If you pass me, I’ll wave to you.




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