A Message from the President: November, 2015

Such a strange month…and I am not referring to the annual “Who was here first?” debate. IMHO the first were interstellar visitors. None of that Columbus, Eric the Red, Asians crossing over the land bridge crap; there is proof that we were visited by intelligent beings long before any mammals were present. Yep, the great dinosaur die out was by superior Lizard People cleaning up their mistakes after using this planet as a breeding site.

And speaking of Lizard People (notice the segue here to Charlie Price, author of Lizard People), Charlie was our guest speaker in October talking about Writer/Artist in Residence programs, then entertained us with how to keep characters alive in our minds between books. He finished with readings from his latest (not released at that time) book, Dead Investigation, sequel to Dead Connection.

But that is not the strange part.

Since the last President’s Message, our local sponsor of the Authors Fair, the Record Searchlight, has undergone another transition.  Journal Media now belongs to Gannet Publishing. What does that mean to us? Dunno. But I am happy to announce that advertising deals for non-profits co-sponsored by them has allowed us to have the same ad-space as before, but cost us far less $$$. This is a blessing for our Fair budget since the mall has asked for the first time a hefty fee to allow authors to sell their wares. Remember; Mt. Shasta Mall has new owners.

So, hope to see you at the 11th Annual Authors Fair on November 14th, 10 am to 4 pm, at the Mt. Shasta Mall. Director at Large Debbie Israel is honchoing the volunteer list for this, and she can be reached at writersforumdal2 at gmail.com. There are several slots to yet be filled.

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