Writers Forum’s Summer Time…

The Writers Forum summer is spent many ways.

Those members who are teachers don’t teach like they had; as teachers, they are always teaching, but not in a stuffy structured environment.

Some members big $$$ is in the non-winter months; summer is for working long hours.

Some members hardly notice the change, as they are writing, writing, writing; editing, editing, editing; revising, revising, revising.

Some travel, some stay at home; some venture out, some hibernate.

Regardless, they all remain members of the greatest not-for-profit known to mankind. Well, slight exaggeration, but you realize where this is heading: SOME THINGS SLIP THROUGH THE GEARS OF A WELL OILED MACHINE.

Didn’t see that coming, didja? It is true. The Website has been remiss in posting. Some say responsibility lies with the President who said at a Board Meeting, “No Problem! I will run a “Best of Member Monday” series. But procrastination won out.

So this is solemnly pledged; “There will be postings; maybe a “Best of Anything that strikes Someone’s Fancy” series.

Stay cool while that someone figures out why Word Press has shifted to a “Replace” mode rather than the usual “Insert” mode; don’t believe it is a keyboard issue.

PS. This could be in lieu of the monthly Message from the President.

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