Young Writers Contest 3rd Place Winners: Mia Arambul and Stevie Lott

We’re breaking away from our typical Member Monday to feature a pair of pieces by local young writers, Mia Arambul and Stevie Lott. Mia and Stevie recently completed the second grade at Shasta Lake School and they tied for third place in the Young Writers Contest, sponsored by Writers Forum and Enjoy Magazine. The second place piece and the first place piece will be featured the next two Mondays. The winning piece will also be featured in the July issue of Enjoy magazine.  The theme of the contest was “Summer Memories”. Congratulations to all of our young writers and welcome, Mia and Stevie!

My Summer Memory

by Mia Arambul

Mia Arambul.pdfThe first time I went on the Dragon Slide it felt pretty scary.  I had fun at Waterworks Park.  The Avalanche is scarier than the Dragon Slide!  When my mom and dad were holding me under the mushroom in the kiddy pool, we took a photo.  We had fun.  My cousin and I went to get a snow cone.  It was cold and good.  At the end of Waterworks we got to do whatever we wanted.  This is my summer memory.


Summer Memories

by Stevie Lott

Stevie Lott.pdfHere are my summer memories.  I remember when my friend Katelyn played Mom and Daughter.  The next thing we did was go swimming.  Me and my mom went to the lake.  I get scared because I might get hurt.  But you can wear a life vest.  The next thing I did was go to Waterworks.  I went on the Raging River and the Toilet Bowl.


A Note from the Webmaster: If you’re a Writers Forum member in good standing and would like to be featured on Member Monday, please send your submission to Submissions should be 75-750 words, appropriate for all ages and error free. Please include a short bio, a headshot and any related links. The author retains all rights and gives permission to Writers Forum to publish their submission on the website and/or in the newsletter. Thank you!

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