A Message From the President: May, 2013

This is one great month for inspiring the written word. After all, who has NEVER written a poem about their mother as part of a class project? So…with that lead in, I am off on another of my Almost World Famous columns.

Contrary to the naysayers, Mother’s Day was not an invention of the card and candy industries, though it didn’t take them long to get their pinkies in the candy bowl. Credited to Anna Jarvis, Mother’s Day (on the second Sunday in May) is an American invention. Worldwide, there are festivals and holidays honoring mothers occurring anywhere, with the majority from March to May, but it is the singularly possessive form that we celebrate, honoring each and every mother.

Ms. Jarvis was successful in having Mother’s Day recognized as an official holiday when President Woodrow Wilson signed a bill in 1914. The initial celebration centered on church, family and letter writing. However, as quick as the ‘20s she was disillusioned by the commercialization.

It is one of the few American holidays not based on an event, and not rolled into a three-day event, much to the chagrin of workers everywhere. Would you sign the petition?

It has become fodder for quotes and poems. And school assignments!

One stood out for me:

“I wrote this for my mom. I have been a jerk to her and lazy around the house.

Mom’s Special Day

Mom today’s your special day,
And you need to take a rest.
I’ll do everything for you,
To make it the best.

Mom you’re sweet
And you mean the world to me.
You do every little thing

You’re too loving and kind,
To do so much work.
I’ll always help out
Instead of being a jerk.

    With that, I will leave you to your writing. This month Writers Forum is featuring pieces around the theme of “mothers”. Keep in mind that Father’s Day is just around the bend (or maybe “fold of the calendar” is more apropos) and Writers Forum will be featuring pieces around the theme of “fathers”, so please submit your pieces to writersforumwebmaster@gmail.com.

Larry Watters
Writers Forum President

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