The Spontaneous Pen: February, 2012

One jump line.  Ninety seconds to write.  Go!

This month’s jump line is:

What comes next…

  • “What comes next…according to the instructions should be safe.” – Dale Angel
  • “What comes next is a big adventure that sends goosebumps skittering down my arms and rouses me from sleep in the quiet of the night.  I love a big adventure, but in the cloak of night I find myself asking Can I do this?  Can I really do this?  Then I pull the sheets up around my chin, close my eyes and tell myself to be brave.” – Alicia McCauley

Take 90 seconds to finish the jump line and then post your response in the comments section.  All online comments will be posted here.  Due to limited space only, selected responses will be published in next month’s newsletter.

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