No 2016 Authors Fair

Unfortunately, the Writers Forum will not be sponsoring an Authors Fair in 2016.

The issue was discussed at the last board meeting on September 8. We still had no confirmation that the mall would be available for us to use. Alternative venues had been discussed at the June meeting, but we could think of no alternatives that fit our needs (such as high walk-by traffic, which is so important for book sales) that would be within our budget.

There is a silver lining! The money that would have gone towards the Authors Fair for things such as advertising and venue fees will now be redirected towards purchasing some tech equipment for the Writers Forum. We currently borrow some of our tech equipment when we have audio/visual components to the monthly meeting. Sometimes this results in equipment ‘glitches’, such as the one that occurred at the last meeting. The Critique Group panel could not show the video component of their presentation due to technical difficulties arising from borrowed equipment.

Hopefully, we can get the Authors Fair back on schedule next year.

Member Monday: Soar Within the Story by Linda Boyden

Welcome back to Member Monday.  It’s a pleasure to feature a poem by poet, storyteller and children’s author, Linda Boyden.  You can purchase a hardback copy of Linda’s newest picture book Boy and Poi Poi Puppy at All About Books.  Be sure to come to the Authors Fair and pick up your signed copies of Linda’s books.  Welcome, Linda!

Soar Within the Story

By Linda Boyden ©2014


into a story


onto the strands

of the teller’s voice.


into the layers


for the gem

the spark

that grabs

your heart

that whirls

and whittles

down your troubles

lets you soar

within the story

within the colors

of the words.


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A Message from the President: November, 2014

I have been so busy prepping for our 10th Annual Northern California Authors Fair that those other things, like the monthly President’s Message for the Writers Forum, have taken a back seat to remembering that this November is a quick month for deadlines (there is not much time from the first of the month to the second Saturday). Adding a goodly portion of being a Poll Inspector when I have not worked the polls EVER and the preliminary training in ALL areas so I at least have some idea of what is going on when I inspect translates to a seating-on-the-edge anticipation that has to be dealt with one day at a time. This means one day I devote to Fair preparation and not think of Polling, and another day the opposite. Never would I entertain both thoughts. Or so my mind decides. But I have slips, trying to Multi-task.

But I am a guy, so the results are not pretty.

Anyhoo, the Fair replaces our General Meeting Saturday, November 8. Held Center Court at the Mt. Shasta Mall from 10 to 4, this year is a little above average with 34 authors sharing their writing experiences, networking, and of course, selling and signing their books ranging from Mystery to Children’s, History to Poetry  (even an illustrated book of poems about wine).

You are encouraged to drop by, chat, schmooze, do an impromptu volunteer gig, and most important, have a good time.

There are two silent auctions that fund our Scholarship; A Basket o’ Books donated by participating authors and an ex-stage prop Antique Typewriter donated by Riverfront Theater.


Similar to Auctioned Typewriter

Hope to see ya there!

Authors Fair

On November 9, the Ninth Northern California Authors Fair will be held at the Mt. Shasta Mall in Redding, California from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

The event is sponsored by the Record Searchlight and funded by a Scripps Howard Foundation Volunteer grant. This event is in lieu of Writers Forum’s regular monthly meeting. Genres include Children’s and Young Adult, Mystery and Fiction, History and Memoir, Travel, Crafts, Self-Help/Realization and more.

All authors will meet the public, answer questions and sell their wares. The Fair has been popular with holiday shoppers seeking gifts for book-loving family members and friends.

Anyone feeling stirred can also enter a “First Sentence” contest to win a prize.

There will be a basket of Local Author Books to be won.

Local award-winning authors in the past have been Linda Boyden, an author/illustrator of children’s books; Charlie Price who won the esteemed mystery Edgar Award in the Young Adult category; Steve Brewer, multi-talented mystery author.

Attendance is free. Participating authors pay a minimal fee for table space. While we have filled all open tables, we still need volunteers to help. For details: email or call 530-515-4828 to leave a voice mail message.