Young Writers Contest Second Place: Jessica Ayabe

We’re breaking away from our typical Member Monday to feature a piece by local young writer, Jessica Ayabe.  Jessica is an 8th grade student at Boulder Creek School and she tied for second place in the Young Writers Contest, sponsored by Writers Forum and Enjoy Magazine.  The other second place piece and the first place piece will be featured the next two Mondays.  The theme of the contest was “Poetry”.  Congratulations to our three young writers and welcome, Jessica!

City Music

by Jessica Ayabe

Music is the heart of the city.

You can hear it everywhere

The low sounds from the gravel as the car rides by

The high notes from a horn, each can be different

You hear the beat from a single footstep meeting the smooth, paved walk

Becoming syncopated and harmonized at times

Feeling the summer breeze that rustles the trees

Swish! Swish!

Like the sounds of a maraca

The sad thing is no one is paying attention to this music of life

So focused on music from a radio or an iPod that spills words into their minds, that can change hearts

Not caring how beautiful this unique world can be

Not me

I love and appreciate this beautiful city

To be part of this world and enjoying it

And most of all to hear it unleash its city music.

Jessica Ayabe.pdf

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