Slate for March Elections

It is that time of year when the general membership decides who will crew the ship for another year. The Nominating Committee, chaired by Deborah Gilson, has done their work, and at the March 8th meeting will present the slate of Officers for approval. On that day, nominations from the floor will also be accepted. If there are no nominations, the membership will vote to approve the proposed slate. If there are nominations, the contested positions will be voted on, with the remainder as a slate. Then the behind the scenes process of seeking various chairs will be conducted. 

Election Slate for March

President, Larry Watters, incumbent
Vice President, Troy Racki, incumbent
Secretary, Vickie Linnet, incumbent
Treasurer, Jennifer Levens, incumbent
Membership, Jennifer Higley, incumbent
Program Director, Sharon Owen, incumbent
Newsletter Editor, Ed Sulpice, incumbent
Director at Large, Laura Hernandez, incumbent
Director at Large, Lindy Jones, incumbent
Director at Large, Alicia McCauley, incumbent

Slate for 2013 Elections…

Update: Congratulations to the 2013 Writers Forum Officers.  We look forward to another great year!

Below is the slate for the 2013 Writers Forum Board of Directors.
Elections to be held at the April 13th meeting.

Slate for April 2013 Writers Forum Officers

President                               Larry Watters

Vice President                      Troy Racki

Secretary                               Vickie Linnet

Treasurer                               Jennifer Levens

Program Director                 Sharon Owen

Membership Director                 Jennifer Higley

Newsletter Editor                Ed Sulpice

Director at Large                  Laura Hernandez

Director at Large                  Lindy Jones

Director at Large                  Alicia McCauley

As recommended by the Nominating Committee. We will take nominations from the floor.