Member Monday: A Passion for the Word by George Winship

Welcome back to Member Monday.  It’s my pleasure to feature a piece by past Writers Forum President, George Winship.  Here’s a little more about George.

Professional writer George Winship found his niche in community journalism even before he earned a master’s degree in that field from the University of Oregon in 1980.  Since then he has reviewed opera, symphony, chamber music and solo performances in Oregon and California; covered Montana’s State Penitentiary (from the outside); revealed the mysteries of education and business; won awards for his writing in two states; worked for a California State Senator; ghostwrote three books while authoring a nonfiction biography; and enjoyed a regular paycheck all while honing his craft.

A Passion for the Word

Although I have practiced the craft of writing for more than 30 years, it never fails to amaze me when I discover a diamond of a story taking shape in the rough. Just as Winston Churchill once described Russia, chiseling a beautiful tale out of chunks of raw material is analogous to “solving a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma.”

There are so many layers to this craft that each day I peel back one only to find another staring back underneath, one more way of seeing yet a different angle, always drawing me closer to an idea’s true essence.

The power of words never fails to amaze while simultaneously amuse me. All too often, I discover the best stories are those that sound simple at the outset, yet reveal deep truths through powerful emotions.

That is what keeps journalism — the art of telling the stories of real people caught up in an everyday world — so fresh and alive day in and day out. No two days ever create déjà vu. Life is  always ebbing and flowing, an unceasing tide of reason wearing against a constantly eroding shoreline of misunderstanding.

Read more of George’s work at the Anderson Valley Post.  Trust me, you won’t want to miss his heartwarming story of that all started with a POW/MIA bracelet bought for $2.50.  You may, however, want to grab a box of tissue first.

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