Member Monday: Carolyn Faubel

The Bowl

©2017 Carolyn Faubel

After the wedding

They brought her the bowl.

Arms wrapped around its sleek heaviness,

They delivered it to her house,

Laid down a tea towel and

Rested it upon that, with



She stroked the glassy, curved interior,

Marveling at its weight,

Capacity, and


They left the heirloom

While she dreamed of

Sourdough, tamales,

Matzo balls,

And magnificent sponge cakes.


And when they asked,

(Because of course, they always ask)

How is the bowl?



The shattered shards of her words cut deep.


But, I LIVED, she whispered, remembering

Her children’s hands patting the masa and


I LIVED, she said, thinking about

Mixing meatloaf millions of times, saving money for

A tropical aquarium full of beautiful fish.

I LIVED! she thundered, knowing

The dull, scratched

Bowl was more beautiful than it had ever been

When it held offerings of pine cones and pyracantha

In the middle of the Thanksgiving table.


They crept back to their shuttered homes;

Dusty candles with cold white wicks,

Unopened decorative tea canisters, and

Sealed commemorative brandy bottles

Decorating their safe lives.


Member Monday: Marie A. Warner, The Game

The Game

I came upon a truth today

It was quiet at first

But then it ran in to me straight away


It had been buried under layers

Of color coordinated clothing, healthy weight,

Frosted hair and a countenance that I could situate


It showed up in a game that we all could play

One that would push the truth up in such a way

That I could see, hear and feel

And value what it would reveal


It was different for me, or maybe it was the same

It gave me a mirror

And as I said it I could hear

The meaning that directed me for so many years


I was eager to share it with others

For I knew as I said it

It would pull out the weed

The one that had poisoned my heart from its true need


The need to be connected

To others in heart

To let down my guard

So I could be a part


A part of this world that we all do share

The one that has become somewhat dark in despair

It helped me decide to turn on my light

To share it with others, to make it more bright


To help build the message

It is not too late

I can join in and appreciate


Written in Redding, CA 9/16

Copyright ©2016 Marie A. Warner All Rights Reserved

WF Code of Conduct

The Writers Forum Board has developed a Code of Conduct to be followed at Writers Forum events and meetings. It boils down to ‘Be civil and courteous to one another’.


Code of Conduct at Writers Forum Meetings

Writers Forum is dedicated to the positive pursuit of writing as a profession and artistic endeavor open to all who wish to join, pay the dues, and support each other. Respecting other members and guests is paramount. To that end, no bullying behavior will be tolerated. This includes but is not limited to:

  • making fun of someone in language or behavior at General Meetings
  • using more than time allotted for reading exhibitions
  • taking more than 3 minutes or three sentences to share Good News in open meetings while others are waiting a turn
  • angry outbursts in voice or behavior aimed at other members or guests
  • demanding membership or leadership positions without regard for procedures
  • intimidating behavior of any kind, as perceived by the person targeted, by objectionable language or actions.

Writers Forum has zero tolerance for this kind of behavior. All members and guests shall support this code and notify a Board Member when a violation of this Code occurs.

Courtesy is expected from all members and guests; however, it is the responsibility of all members and guests to protect each other at meetings by calling out violations of this Code.  No one will be permitted to violate the Code with the purpose of bullying for time or attention at meetings. Any member or visitor engaging in these violations while attending a meeting will be asked to leave.

It will be up to the Board to terminate the membership and refund the dues of any current member in good standing deemed to have violated this code.

Member Monday: Ron Pritchard

This week’s Member Monday features an excerpt from Ron Pritchard’s work in progress, The Phantom P-40. Ron shared this piece at the June Read Around.

Ron Pritchard Cropped

Ron Pritchard

The Phantom P-40

April 22, 1941, 11:00 a.m.

Over the skies of Northern California


Two P-40 Tomahawk fighters have collided midair during a training exercise. Out of control, one of the aircraft drops from the sky at 18,000 feet. The pilot trying desperately to get back control of his aircraft as it is spiraling out of control toward the canyon fay below.

The author, Ron, from a young adventurous boy, now an older gentleman is obsessed in the story that he’s been told about a missing P-40 aircraft that crashed up in the mountains near where he now lives. His driven obsession searching for this Phantom P-40 has taken him on an adventure of his life. He had no idea at the time if this story was true or just an old tale. With endless time spent researching and travelling to different airport locations that once upon a time had been used by the Army Air Force for training looking for any clues that he may find about a P-40 crashing in the area he was looking at. Now with countless hours, days, and months behind him searching, he’s finally able to locate someone who says he knows where the P-40 crash site is. So maybe this story is true after all! When he meets up with the gentleman who told him about the crash site he shows Ron photos that he had taken of the crashed aircraft.

Now a new search has just begun. What kind of airplane was really in the photos? Why had been the pilot? Did he survive? If so did he fight in the World War II? More unanswered questions and many more hours, days, and months lay ahead before he’s able answer all of those unanswered questions. The aircraft was a P-40 Tomahawk, the pilot a young 24 Year Old Lieutenant James K. Dowling. He survived the crash and went on to fight in Alaska, North Africa, and Europe during the D-Day invasion.

The description to this true story fits perfect. Taking this action filled war story adventure around the world on the wings of a fighter pilot.


Member Monday: Marie A. Warner

Today’s Member Monday is a contribution from Marie A. Warner. This is a poem that Marie read at our latest Read Around.


Time with a Pen


Sitting down to collect my thoughts,

To draw out what otherwise I would have not.

Always going…thinking of the next thing to do,

My mind always buzzing but to what end I can’t construe.


Weighing out what matters at this stage of life,

Knowing what cleanses me from layers of strife.

Enjoying the discovery that words are a friend,

One that will be with me until the end.


To collect them on the page gives me such relief,

It helps my day move forward with a new belief.

One I wouldn’t have ever known if I had not sat down,

And given my pen some time to move around.


Written in Redding, CA 9/16

Copyright ©2016 Marie A. Warner all Rights Reserved


Redding Writers to Be on C-SPAN2

Be sure to set your DVRs to C-SPAN2 tomorrow morning, Saturday, May 6, at 9:00 AM Pacific time. C-SPAN2’s BookTV series visited Redding in January. Prior to the January Writers Forum meeting, the BookTV host interviewed Sharon Owen about the Writers Forum, and Steven Callan about his book, The Game Warden’s Son.

Also covered in the program will be the Shasta County Library Indian Collection, and the rare books and artifacts found at the Behrens-Eaton House.

The program will be repeated Sunday morning at 6:30 AM. Be sure to check your individual television service provider for station listings.