Member Links

Member Websites:

Member websites are listed in alphabetical order by author’s last name.  If you’re a member in good standing and would like your website listed here, please leave a comment with all of the appropriate details.

Kathryn Barker:

Jim Barrett:

Bob Batesole:

Linda Boyden: Linda Boyden: Author and Storyteller

Michael Brian Brussin:

Steve Callan: Steve T. Callan’s Blog &

Felicity Dippery:

Tim Hemeon: Tim Hemeon

Melva J. Henderson: Wild Blackberry Books

Joel Horn: impossible beyond this point

Anna Hourihan: Vedantic Shore Press

Jennifer Levens:

Robb Lightfoot:

Gayle Madden: The Sweet Life:La Dolce Vita

Beth Maxey: Old Musings

Tony Maxey: Cat-e-Whompus

Alicia McCauley: Vigilante Kindness

Maggi Milton:

Sharon Owen: Sharon St. George

Patsy Parker Patsy’s Creative Corner

George T. Parker Hard Corps

Jennifer Phelps: Naked Notebook & jenniferphelpswrites

Charlie Price: Charlie Price Author

Marisa Shadrick: Lite Living

Robert A. Siegel: Robert A. Siegel

Aaron Steinmetz:

George Winship: Village Wordsmith

Chloe Winston:


Shasta Public Libraries: Anderson, Burney & Redding

Local Bookstores:

All About Books Redding, CA.

Lyon Books Chico, CA.

Local Newspapers:

The Record Searchlight

Writing Programs:

National Novel Writing Month

Writing Software:

Scrivener (free 30 day trial)

Writing Associations:

Sisters In Crime

Other Links: 

19 thoughts on “Member Links

  1. Nice to see you yesterday at the meeting, Alicia. Great job with the new website!

    Below is the information for our website featuring “Literature for Self-Discovery.”

    Thanks for including our link,


  2. I just joined writer’s forum last month. I’ve written an 81K word historical fiction novel that I’d like to have edited. Is there anyone local that might be able to do this for a reasonable price?
    Jim Reimer

    • Hello again Alicia,

      I went through a self publisher (Halo) to get my fiction book titled ARDMORE edited and published and spent over $2,500 for their services. I’d like to talk to someone locally in the Forum who might know how to do it for less….CreateSpace, LuLu, etc. come to mind but I’ve read some negatives. I’d like to get some input from a knowledgeable source on an affordable alternative they’ve had success with, including a local editor. Any suggestions?

      Thanks again.

      Jim Reimer

  3. Webmaster Alicia, George Winship has a website that has been newly updated: I would appreciate adding my website to your member link page.
    I am once again offering freelance ghostwriting, editing and original research as well as assistance with epublishing and writer coaching.
    Also, the Anderson Valley Post is no longer available so the link should be taken down. Thanks. George L. Winship

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