16 thoughts on “Critique Groups

  1. I’m interested in editing and proofreading manuscripts of any length. I have a degree in English and writing (creative writing and professional writing) from Southern Oregon University, and have worked as a professional copy editor at Blackstone Audio in Oregon. If you are interested in having your work proofread or edited, please feel free to contact me at c_graham210@att.net.

  2. Howdy. I am looking for a critique group of fellow memoir writers. My goal is to publish, and see my story of working on a Yosemite backcountry trail crew actually sold at the Ansel Adams Gallery in Yosemite Valley.


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  4. What do you need? I am looking for a critique group for novels and short stories and the occasional poem. I am also starting an adaptation of Emma by Jane Austen for the community theater here in Redding.

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  6. I’m a doctoral student writing a political culinary memoir. The memoir is being written through the lens of a recovering vegetarian turned bowhunter who grapples with the politics of where food comes from, ethics of consumption and acquisition, and dissects the judgements of others around various food choices. She finds that keeping her connection to real food requires convoluted political involvement while simutaneously learning that her unique position as a young, female, educated, suburbanite, bowhunter is an anomaly with power to change opinions and the way communities think about food. This book is a written attempt at intervening on attitudes, opinions, politics, and assumptions about food, hunting, fishing and the outdoors with my life as the backdrop.

    I’m new to the Shasta County area and I’m looking for a group to collaborate, edit, and peer review with.

    • Thanks for your interest, Jen. Welcome to the area.

      Your story sounds fascinating! We have a group Read Around coming up at our June meeting. We would love to hear a reading from your piece. Please come and share a 5 minute reading on the second Saturday in June.

      The topic of our September meeting is actually going to be ‘Everyone Has a Story: The Art of Writing Memoir’. Maybe we can pull together some interested memoirists for a writers group at that meeting.

  7. Looking for a writers group, almost like a support group to help each other; critque; accountability. Happy to start one asap

    • I have been looking for a critique group for several years. I write mystery, historical fiction, short stories and bad poetry.

    • Hi Nandy, I wonder if you found a group or created one? I’m certainly interested in starting something. I’m Australian, lived in Redding almost five years and miss the regular critique groups I used to be part of. Let me know if you’re still interested. I write poetry with the intention to submit and publish occasionally and perform at the odd open mic. Happy to read and critique short fiction also. piedhillprawns@gmail.com

  8. New in Redding and would like to find a writing group to meet with regularly for critique and inspiration in poetry and short story writing. Prefer a group with seasoned writer as guide to aid in experimentation, stretching learning and skill development. Any one know of such a group’s existence or interested in forming a new one????
    I have no formal training in writing and have experienced only one week long poetry retreat but I have received encouraging feedback that with perseverance and practice I could produce some work of interest.

  9. Short stories and poetry. Currently retired, I took a creative writing class at Shasta College in spring, 2019, and enjoyed it very much. I am currently submitting to contests but have not yet been published. Is there a group out there for new writers?

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