Member Monday: All About Books by Richard Lucas

Welcome  back to Member Monday.  Today it’s my pleasure to share a piece by Richard Lucas on how he and his lovely wife, Abby, came to be the unlikely owners of All About Books.

All About Books

By Richard Lucas

It wasn’t a lifelong dream, even though two generations of Lucas’ had all ready done it. My grandfather started Lucas Books in Berkeley. It wasn’t even a short-term plan. We both had jobs. It just sort of fell into our laps. In 2001, we found an ad about a bookstore for sale. My wife, Abby, was ready to do something new, I was completing my latest novel, so we checked it out. It was obvious that the current owners had had enough and they agreed to a good price and we decided, what the heck.

That was eleven years ago and we are still at it. I have joined Abby in running the store full-time and have since completed three more novels. We survived the economic downturn in 2008, barely. People started coming back to books for entertainment.  E-books became popular and cut into the business, but soon people found that not everything was available and used bookstores to fill in the gaps. The entire shopping center on Lake Blvd where we were located was suffering so we decided it was time for a change.

In February of this year we opened our new location on Court St in downtown Redding. Focusing on the revitalization of the area, we have joined forces with the Shasta Art Council for the Second Saturday Art Night. Dozens of businesses stay open late one night a month to promote local art, music, theater and for us, authors. Each event we featuring local authors for book signings. We have established a Local Author section, prominently displayed near the front of the store.  As a local author, I realize how hard it is to get any kind of exposure for your books. We hope that our efforts will bear fruit and allow everyone access to a larger audience. Stop by and see what we are doing and join us each Second Saturday night.  For more information on Second Saturday Art Night, please visit the Writers Forum Calendar of Events Page.

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Writers’ Desk Project

Attention writers!

Our friends across the pond at The Flaneur, an arts and culture journal, have asked Writers Forum members to participate in The Writers’ Desks Project.  What is the Writers’ Desks Project?  It’s a project to collect images of writers’ desks from around the world.  All submissions will be considered for the Writers’ Desks Project book and ebook.  Some will be published online, along with a link to the author’s website.

What does your desk say about you?   Are you tidy?  Are there piles of research everywhere?  Do you type on a computer or write long hand?  Are there empty coffee cups and plates amongst the notebooks and pens?  Or is there just one sheet of paper and a dictionary?  However you use your desk and whatever it looks like we want to hear from you.  Whether you are famous or just starting out, a poet or novelist, journalist or critic The Flaneur is interested in the place you work.

To join the project, please upload an image of your desk to The Flaneur.  To contact The Flaneur, click here.

Local Screenwriters Wanted

The 2012 Red Bluff Chamber of Commerce Branding Fundraiser is seeking creative input for their Murder Mystery Dinner this year. They are looking for someone willing to help develop a script. Click here for more information about their 2011 Murder Mystery Dinner.  If interested, please contact Nigel Mist at 527-7333 (work) or 528-2573 (home).

Second Saturday Art Night: Author Signings at All About Books

Saturday night was clear with just a hint of winter in the air.  It was the perfect night to enjoy Second Saturday Art Night.  All About Books featured several local writers including Writers Forum authors, Linda Boyden and Tim Hemeon.

Children's author and illustrator, Linda Boyden, showcased her award-winning books.

Local author and teacher, Tim Hemeon, was recently featured in The Record Searchlight.

Writers Forum President, Larry Watters, and Richard Lucas, author and owner of All About Books, were all smiles in front of the Local Authors section of the store.

Local authors interested in being a part of upcoming Second Saturday Art Nights can contact Richard Lucas at All About Books.  Congratulations, Linda and Tim, on your successes and thank you, All About Books for your continued support of local authors.


All About Books Welcomes Local Authors


Richard Lucas, owner of All About Books, will proudly continue to feature local authors at the new location, 1301 Court Street.  All About Books showcases an entire section devoted to the published works of local authors.

All About Books will now be a part of Second Saturday Art Night on the second Saturday of each month.  They’re looking for local authors to read and sign books during Second Saturday Art Night.  Authors wishing to participate would need to be in attendance from 6-9pm.  If interested, please contact Richard Lucas ASAP, as spaces are limited.

Richard Lucas, All About Books

(530) 605-4848

Thank you, Richard and All About Books, for your continued support of local authors!