Riverfront Playhouse Looking for Writers

Riverfront Playhouse is calling for submissions for Playwrights’ Night Out. Deadline 10/15/2021.

Thank you for making the effort to do something that could be exciting and rewarding. Comedy, tragedy, drama, whatever you want. Only six 20 minute shows will be chosen and you will be part of the rehearsal process. There may be more shows if some show take only ten minutes.

Give us what you have.


Rules for Playwright’s Night Out

1.      No author will direct his or her own play.
2.      All plays are 20 minutes or less.
3.      All plays are for readers’ theater only. Lines should not be memorized to allow for changes in the rehearsal stage of production.
4.      Try to avoid frivolous cussing.
5.      Try to keep your cast less than 20.
6.      Please make at least one edit of your play before submission.
7.      There will be no costuming.
8.      Keep props to a minimum.
9.      This is sort of a table read on stage. Listen for vocal nuance, facial expression, body movement during rehearsals.

Contact Jennifer Levens for more details at  theatermavin2@gmail.com


Writers Forum is open to submissions for the blog or the newsletter.

Type of Material and Guidelines for e-newsletter and Website Submission: 1.) Your articles on the art or craft of writing. 2.) Essays on subjects of interest to writers. (200 words can be quoted without permission but with attribution.) 3.) Book or author reviews. 4.) Letters to the Editor or Webmaster. 5.) Information on upcoming events, local or not. 6.) Photos of events. 7.) Advertise your classes or private events. 8.) Short fiction. 9.) Poetry.Please submit copy to the editor at writersforumeditor@gmail.com . Electronic submissions only. Microsoft Word format, with the .docx file extension, is preferred but any compatible format is acceptable. The staff reserves the right to perform minor copy editing in the interest of the website’s style and space.

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