Fridays With Dale: Failed Relationships

Dale Angel


Failed Relationships

By Dale Angel


I have come to realize that my assumptions of relevancy and value and worth may be just that, my own.  When in reality, these assumptions were built on illusions. Any coming together in mind and spirit and heart need be built on mutual respect.

Failed relationships may be siblings, parents, lovers or friends. Expectations can be the worst problems to deal with. You expect others to treat you like you treat them. For whatever reason, when expectations are not met, it causes pain, and then resentment may enter in. I’ve read they travel together.

What to do when one finds him or herself at the short end of a failed relationship? It is common to cry out in distress or be angry. It is especially painful when you have invested years of emotion and the other party feels no obligation or loyalty. Time will help. Tears are healthy. Even anger, if it subsides in due time.

During the mourning process a maturity will appear within…its acceptance. This can be a long journey with every day a mountain to climb. A learning takes place that you will own, you will treasure.

When the sun shines again, there is peace. You find yourself stronger, less willing to take risks. Yet more open to equal positions, not so needy and dependent, more sure of who you are.  You have more to offer and ask for in return.

Failed relationships are a growing tool even when you would never have visited that place on your own. You can benefit from the disaster. It’s like building a new structure on an old site. You have a completely different building in mind.  It may not be as elaborate, but with more strength and more comfortable.





Dale Angel



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