Fridays With Dale: In Defense of Weeds

Dale Angel


In Defense of Weeds

By Dale Angel


I appreciate weeds for their perseverance and persistence. They travel through all seasons…sometimes on their knees. When there’s no rain, they lie close to the earth and don’t whimper for their thirst, defiantly waiting with aggressive personalities that many consider unfriendly.

As soon as rain falls, they crawl to the roses and wraps their arms around them, shamelessly carrying on a one sided love affair. The garden has been commandeered before it even knows there’s war!

You won’t either, until your foot becomes tangled as you walk along the path. You wonder, “Where did they come from?” They crept in quietly while you were watching the sunset. No matter if you’re kings or peasants, they visit all without prejudice.

They live with few admirers or support system, doing their job wandering across the landscape clothing the naked earth weaving mountains and valleys in their fingers holding our world together like a knitted garment.

I admire their inner strength and quiet underappreciated value…although, I’m a little intimidated by their fearless tenacity to do their job.  Where their foot prints are left, the earth has been enriched…

They come with various tendencies and strengths and weaknesses.  There’s a place for us all here…be gentle…they may have the cure we are looking for.



Dale Angel



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