Fridays With Dale: D Words

Dale Angel

D Words

By Dale Angel


Dismantle or throw the clutter away, you can’t carry it with you

As I ….Dismantle my life…and the things that I carried with me…like colds… everyone gets the D disease. Eventually, it comes with old age. Like measles, its effects are harder on some, more than others.

I’m remembering the Hyacinth bulbs that bloomed in this vase on cold winter mornings.  The kitchen was filled with the scent of a whole flower garden. I hope someone will love it.

This spray bottle with orange water was used by a great granddaughter to spray on the Camellia bush, to entice butterflies. I’ll advertise this as a Grandmother necessity

With this cup, I watched beautiful mornings slashed with pinks and orange and yellow with touches of lavender blue. It held my tea. I won’t take it with me.

What insensitive thoughts I have! I have already Divested….oh! Another D word!  I can’t lift my go bag in case of disaster. I’ll have to pull a wagon behind me if I keep any more personals. My life lived is so heavy, I have no choice but take it with me. It may diminish if I’m fleeing for my life…difficulty at the moment is all one can carry….right? At the end of a thousand years, my head and heart won’t be adding crisis after crisis ….Oh my! Three more D’s. I think my pencil is in charge

Symptoms often visit late in life, include

Defenseless, Dependency, Devalue, Diminish, Disrespect, Distance Disability Disadvantage Disapproval Discard Discourteous Discredit Discriminate Distance Desperation Depression Despondency Desertion Disengage Disinterest Detached Disregard Disunited …Divorce Doubt Dementia… Death

I had to throw the dictionary across the room

There must have a better collection of D words, more comforting?  Let’s see what I can find.

Divisions Dominating Doomed Dread Dragons Downhearted Driven Drowned Drunk Dungeon Dumb Dung…  These words are multiplying as I sit here. Where can I go….How did I get here?

 Let’s move on to something more cheerful.

Keep in mind how we would handle being bag ladies, I’m going as a Deposed Queen. Oh! There’s another D word

We have to find a place or invent one mostly in our minds and leave the D’s home.  The world does recognize one needs to be emotionally nourished.  Not just a Detached interest…….. Oh! Dear another D word.

Am I doing you in with my prattle?  I blame it on my pencil.

You can sit and cry until the cows come home and no one can understand; they for the most part are crying themselves. We need to help them. It is healthier to get mad. It gives one power, even if mad is run on emotional power.

Remember my neighbor Mrs. McKenna? They put her away in an old farm house somewhere in Texas. She walked and I think crawled for half a day before she found a road. Everyone drives pickups there, they helped her get to a Greyhound Bus, and she showed up at my door one day.  Mad is a useful tool. She was nearly 100 and could still use her power…MAD POWER…tools. Off Quart Hill the little road is called her name.

She made her own clothes, using only Taffeta fabric. You could hear her swish and keep time as she walked. It sounded soft and musical, the iridescent colors created rainbows moving with each step. Her sons were executives with Pendleton Wool.


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