Fridays With Dale: Food Issues

Dale Angel


Food Issues

By Dale Angel


Eating out is a perilous activity when health issues are at stake.  You know this, but there are times when you have no choice except eat by yourself in isolation and stay home …or swallow your sensibleness and go along for the social ambiance.


Try not to unbalance the high fun by asking questions about the food order and be done with it. The gluey gravy that everyone is raving about is good discipline to not offer your personal opinion. You swallow and go to the bacon, half cooked. There’s only one piece, that’s good, as you chew the fat. You decide how to interpret this…while thinking, you realize it has sunk into your stomach and has been invited to join the dam building project that is lining up in your arteries. The 911 area.


Smile, there are interesting conversations going while I wrestle with food issues no one is interested shut up…. so you cover up the leaking toast and pour more fat loaded cream into the coffee.  Either I have to stop drinking coffee or do cream. I haven’t learned to do coffee black.


The large order of muffins arrived and the one dumped into your plate has enough sugar to bring on an insulin attack. It taste good as it rushes to the area where the stop-and-go system flags it down and directs the sugar to the pancreas that goes into overdrive and pumps the extra into pools to be used later after you have gone to bed to attack you with a game called indigestion. You always lose this game, yet continue to play. It must be an addiction.


Wash it all down with coffee that sends the euphoric caffeine to settle all this by going to your mental system and puts a damper on your self-centered issues and kills any sensibleness.


I had a great time but my raging conscience is feeling betrayed. I know better. Why can’t I do better? It must be peer pressure, why do I yield knowing this is a game of chance with the odds against me?


It occurs to me I may have disrespect for gamblers….. Is this any different?





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