Fridays With Dale: Taking a Break

Dale Angel


Fridays with Dale will be going on hiatus.

Way back in May, as the Writers Forum Short Story contest was winding down, I was trying to think of a way to find material to post on this blog consistently. I looked through my files of old newsletters, and noticed that I had six short pieces on file from Dale Angel. These were pieces that Dale had read at our semi-annual Read Around and had handed me her copy at the end of the day for putting in the monthly newsletter. The pieces were entertaining, and had been popular reads at the Read Arounds. They stretched back for the five years or so that I have been the Newsletter Editor. Or is it six years now?

I sent Dale an e-mail and asked her permission to post them. Dale enthusiastically agreed.

I thought it was going to be a six-week run. After week two, Dale asked if I would be interested in any more pieces. I enthusiastically agreed. She sent me six more.

I thought, “Wow. This could turn into a regular feature.” I put together the Fridays with Dale title, and used a photo I had on file of Dale from a Read Around to make the graphic you have seen almost every week. The regular feature officially became Fridays with Dale for week three of its run.

Every time I was almost out of new pieces to run, Dale would send a fistful more. This kept up all summer and through the fall and into the winter.

Alas, after 28 Friday’s with Dale features, we have no new pieces from Dale to share at this time. I am keeping a place-holder here for Dale, and any Friday that she wants it is hers.

In the meantime, I have a few other goodies to share. Stay tuned.



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