Fridays With Dale: It’s My Job

Dale Angel


It’s My Job

By Dale Angel


‘Grandmother’ is a titled position. Their duties are varied and executive in nature. You can’t run a company without experts, and Grandmothers are…especially at such things as the irrelevancy of what matters.

Think how deprived you’d be without parental re-enforcements, or as the case may be, undermining the house rules. If youths are to be individuals, they have not been educated unless the Grandmother has…re-evaluated situations…asking old outdated questions like “Who’s going to pay the freight?”

She is at liberty to ask questions no one else will touch, and when it comes across as ‘personal’, it can with confidence be laid to the dotty old grandmother who has not learned to text. What does she know?

Only, the blood lines during your life time all the family secrets and situations no one else will go near, like if it was a power struggle to wash the graffiti off the walls at three, why at fifteen it’s called ‘art’, and it’s ok to mark up your body with it?

Then, there’s the sweet question—do you believe that? It’s a snow job. This is where reverse challenging is often useful to weak kneed parents to help them cope with that infectious disease common to most youths…hearing loss. Parents need comforting and reassurance it will return in a few years….Reminding them… theirs did.

How privileged to have a Grand Dame in the family. As a practicing Grandmother, it’s my job to undermine and dismantle some present day errors, like if I’m paying, I get to dictate and say “No, I don’t buy sweetened sodas. You may have milk or juice.”  If the princesses and princes have no concept of what no means, the whining follows with threatening intent. These darlings are skilled negotiators… I yield… and offer choices …’’ lake water, spring water, mountain water, or…. river or stream water?…. the most popular.

 By the time we have gained Professional Status, this power diminishes. The texting thing does damage and out date ones credibility.

 Like all CEO’s… Part of the perks is, I get the credit for all successes and none of the mess’s left behind for the next in line for this job. …  

Dale Angel

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