Fridays With Dale: Can a Computer Be Trusted?

Dale Angel

    Can a Computer Be Trusted?

By Dale Angel

I’m so confused. You’d think if I can drive a car and do life this many years, I could have some success with a machine called a computer. It’s a plastic box. It doesn’t look  confrontational, but it has a mind of its own.

Keep in mind these machines are edgy, a mere finger in one part of the earth can wage wars and put trash on the moon while measuring and mapping areas of Mars for future  pillagers and  plunderers.

Mine crashed recently, that’s what they called it. I wasn’t at the controls when this happened, someone else must have interrupted my going in circles.

So it was decided since I was so inept and careless, I needed one that was simple like a car that has hand cranked windows, a clutch, and bench seats. These things I understand.

Costco had one that was a little updated, simple to drive. After it was unwrapped it featured how to make movies, how to do games, how to do pictures (I have a closet full of pictures I can’t find homes for), and something to do with sports. I couldn’t find a screen to write a letter without working my way south. I sent it back, I needed to bring all my crashed material with me, they made me one, they put on a new wheel.

I haven’t made a transfer or right turn since. It has a different program that is incompatible with my old driving pattern. In my car, I know all the knobs, and I don’t want to add more confusion to my limited life. That’s what I feel like, except if I want to continue living my shameless luxurious life, I have to keep up or move out of the way. If I drive it right I can pay my electric bill on it.

Apache won’t work with DOC.X because it is an ODT and if I bring in PDG it won’t let me add another line of script when I want to. I’m not sure if it is PDF, I think they mean PGE. They have their hands in everything. I was told to stay out of Word Pad, it is confusing me and to use Micro-soft except it won’t work to my Email. Do not have two articles on different programs it screws up the whole system and it puts my rescuers in distress and they turn gnarly.

There is a problem with some thing called Nero, he gets in my way and won’t move out of my lane, When I honk he won’t move, he just stays there. I have to shut down the whole highway to get him out of my way. He reappears and the only option is to push, “remind me later” which he does. When I want to save it says ODF but to save as *.ODT. If I just leave it hanging loose it skips town and I never see it again.

Each saved material has a different ending .TXT, DOC, DOCK, .RTF.

The book for Computer Dummies is like having to learn the official program to international Maritime skills to drive a ship. I don’t need that much information …

I have added my own trash to the endangered environment, I feel bad about that, I can’t pick it up, it went to cyberspace. Maybe the plunderers will pick it up with the other junk when they get back up there with their plastic trash bags. I think it’s somewhere near Mars.

I had to write a very personal letter recently. I put the pedal to the metal and printed it; I mailed it snail mail. I don’t trust the Email, it circles sometimes and tells me I have the wrong address, snail mail always gets there. I thought I had went through the proper program to save, but it appears to be on its way somewhere. it was personal… are they able to grab it mid air and read it? They can stop Missiles mid- air.

I worry about the possible family fall-out in that letter…can a computer be trusted?

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