Member Poetry: Kindness, by Linda Boyden

author linda boyden


By Linda Boyden©2020

Kindness sits

on one side

of the freeway

the shriek of traffic

numbs his ears

a harsh wind

lashes his hair

stings his eyes

paralyzes his judgment

so he stays huddled

curved inward

shoulders quaking


Patience spots him.

Though she fears

the screech of traffic

the cruelty of metal

she takes it one lane at a time

until she reaches Kindness

gathers him

in her warm arms

talks softly

asks him to trust her

asks him to try

tells him she won’t

let him go it alone.


Arm in arm

they take

the first step.


Linda Boyden, author, storyteller, illustrator & poet

The Blue Roses from Lee & Low Books 2002, winner New Voices Award, Paterson Prize and Wordcraft Circle’s Book of the Year, 2003

Powwow’s Coming , Linda’s first illustrated book, from the University of New Mexico Press, 2007. Powwow’s Coming is included on Reading Is Fundamental‘s 2011 Multicultural Book List!

Giveaways, An ABC Book of Loanwords from the Americas, written & illustrated by Linda Boyden (University of New Mexico Press), 2010 “Giveaways”, winner of three Finalist awards from the 2011 International Book Awards, two Finalist Awards from the 2011New Mexico Book

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