Fridays With Dale: Pending Wishes

Dale Angel

Pending Wishes

by Dale Angel

I wish for an Olive tree with fancy blue green leaves that throw filigree shadows so I can walk under it and feel wrapped in a gossamer gown.

I wish for a Pomegranate tree with wild tendencies and the appearances of unrestrained growth on malnourishment the fruit drips in red sweet nectar.

I wish for a Persimmon tree that decorates the fall colors in splashes of orange as I walk on the fallen leaves that look like a Persian carpet, their fruit at near death collapses on itself, taste like spongy candied syrup on my tongue.

I wish for that winter bush that covers itself with yellow flowers as soon as the cool winter rains arrive. The small yellow daisies fill my empty sugar bowl with sunshine…all winter. We are not acquainted by name; they may know mine, but I don’t know theirs. I may know their family.

May I have an arbor to hold up the honey covered grapes that look like champagne when the sun shines through them; at the present time they are living in the tops of the wild plum trees. They moved there to get away from the white flies who visit every summer…although, uninvited.

I want to remove this mourning cape I’m wearing for the plum tree that had to be euthanized. I haven’t gone through a spring without her blossoms yet. It grieves me to think about it…but not so much that I haven’t shamelessly peeked at new plum varieties from the catalogue.

I may as well be frivolously extravagant and wish for a blooming Orange tree that emits showers of fragrance through the windows to the sweetened night air. It makes one weak. Add blackberry wine. It’s too late to be strong.

Pending wishes will have to wait in the shadows. Meantime, I’ll romance the Manzanitas, only hours away until they bloom. Their tiny pink flowers are full of sips of honey. Daffodils are waiting their turn to shout, flinging yellow across new green grass as they parade. There are new surprises half asleep, nestled close to the earth watching in expectation for the sun to spotlight their debut and display their costumes for you and me!

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