Podcast Survey Results


Writers Forum members may recall that almost exactly one year ago, I ran a survey asking members about their podcast knowledge and experience. The time is overdue to get back to those results!


1. Do you listen to podcasts?

  • Yes: 8
  • No: 7


Over half of people responding to the survey in 2019 listened to podcasts.


2. If not, why not?

  • I don’t have time: 2
  • What’s a podcast?: 1
  • I don’t listen well and really have a hard time watching things on my computer. Eyes are going
  • Most are not of great interest to me personally. Hard to find.
  • Don’t TAKE the time, but my 40, 50 year old kids do, so I know they are popular.
  • Confusing…too many choices.


Answers were sure varied here. But there are answers here I can help you with!

One great thing to know is that podcasts are not videos. You don’t have to stay glued to your computer monitor, stressing your eyes, to enjoy them. Listening to a podcast is like listening to a radio program.

You might not think you have time to listen to podcasts, but you would be surprised about how much time you actually do have to listen. I have a thirty-five mile commute to town, so that is ninety minutes of prime podcast listening time for me any time i go to town. Maybe you have chores to do around the house that don’t require your full concentration. Listen to a podcast while you wash dishes or fold laundry.

There sure are a lot of choices out there, and it can take work to find good ones. How about if you had help in finding good ones that are worth your time? I can help you with that.


3. If you do listen to podcasts, do you listen to writing podcasts?

  • Yes: 4
  • No: 11


Eight people listened to podcasts, but four of those didn’t listen to writing podcasts.

Say, what?!

I can help you with that! If you’re a writer, there are many podcasts out there that can help you with the craft of writing, or the business, or even motivate you to sit your bottom down and write.



4. If you do listen to writing podcasts, what is your current favorite?

  • The Well Storied Podcast
  • Writers Digest whatevers
  • I’ve been watching youtube
  • I don’t have a favorite, but they’re always about writing.


I can help you here, too. Look forward to seeing podcast recommendations here at the blog in the future.



5. What types of writing podcasts would be of most interest to you?

  • Interviews with writers: 2 (14.29%)
  • Craft of writing: 6 (42.86%)
  • Business of writing: 4 (28.57%)
  • Writers reading their work: 0 (0%)
  • Other-Inspirational exercises: 1
  • Other- The first three, but this only allows me to make one choice


I can help you here! Most respondents were interested in the craft of writing. I can start you out by directing you to DIY MFA podcast. Looking for interviews with writers? I can help you there, too: Writers on Writing, at KCUI, the radio station from UC Irvine in SoCal.  The business of writing? You can find a lot of that at The Author Inside You. I looked into The Well-Storied Podcast, mentioned  by one survey respondent. Thanks for the recommendation! I’ve subscribed to it, myself. (BTW: podcast ‘subscriptions’ are free. That just means that I will always receive updates on the latest episodes which that podcast releases.)

I am going to help you with your podcast listening. Over the summer, starting next week, I am going to describe exactly what podcasts are; how to find and listen to them on your phone, tablet, or computer; and show you where to find podcasts specifically geared towards writers. (It’s not YouTube.) I am going to offer reviews of regular podcast series. And I will also highlight individual podcast episodes that would be particularly valuable to writers.

Look forward to more detailed reviews of these podcasts and more over the summer here at the Writers Forum blog.



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