Ambushed by NaNoWriMo

It was supposed to be an easy project. I was going to write a piece on NaNoWriMo for Writers Forum. Then for the next day, I was going to post a link to a podcast or YouTube video on NaNoWrimo. I was going to look around to see if there were any local writers participating this year, or if there were any NaNoWriMo events in Shasta County, and write a short blog post on them. For research, I went to the NaNoWriMo website to dig a little deeper into how it works.

Before I knew what had happened, I had signed up to actually participate in NaNoWriMo. Now I’m on the hook for 50,000 words in November.

What have I done?!

So…on Wednesday, I join the mad scramble of writers all over the world going for 50,000 words on their projects.

Right now I find myself at Madayne Eatery and Espresso on Hilltop Drive on a Friday morning, trying to clear several other writing projects off my desk/laptop to make way for the What-Have-I-Gotten-Myself-Into Project.

NaNoWriMo Laptop

Seriously, I am looking forward to this challenge. I have been aware of it for years, but I’ve never had the guts to give it a shot before. Even if I don’t make 50,000 words, the worst that can happen is that I make some progress on my Big Writing Project.

If you still haven’t gone to the NaNoWriMo website to check it all out, you can find it here:

Are any other Writers Forum members along for this ride? Anybody else from the North State who reads this blog? Share your stories with us!

If you know me at all, you know that I believe that everybody has a story worth sharing.


4 thoughts on “Ambushed by NaNoWriMo

  1. See how inspiring you are? I signed up too. I tried it a couple times in the past and got a week or two into it. All the way this time!

      • I had issues during the first week of November that sort of hijacked my start. I was feeling discouraged, when I got the shot of encouragement from nanowrimo, “ if you haven’t started yet, don’t despair, start now, it’s not too late!“ so I did get started. I may give myself a personal extra week or two at the end of it all because I want to meet my goals more than I want to “follow the rules.” I’ve got a couple thousand words and a decent plot.

  2. George, if you write your stories with pen and ink as well as you spoke by mouth at WF, you’ll be in the running! Here’s to your courage!

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