Member Poetry: Time with a Pen

Time with a Pen

Marie A Warner


Sitting down to collect my thoughts,
To draw out what otherwise I would have not.
Always going… thinking of the next thing to do,
My mind always buzzing but to what end I can’t construe.


Weighing out what matters at this stage of life,
Knowing what cleanses me from layers of strife.
Enjoying the discovery that words are a friend,
One that will be with me until the end.


To collect them on the page gives me such relief,
It helps my day move forward with a new belief.
One I wouldn’t have ever known if I had not sat down,
And given my pen some time to move around.


* written in Redding, CA 9/16
Copyright © 2016
by Marie A Warner
All rights reserved.

Member Monday:The Game, by Marie A. Warner

Spontaneous Pen Image
A poem from WF member Marie A. Warner appeared in this month’s newsletter. Much to my embarrassment,  the poem ran with typos and transcription errors. My apologies, Marie.
Here is Marie’s poem as submittted.
The Game
I came upon a truth today
It was quiet at first
But then it ran in to me straight away
It had been buried under layers 
of color coordinated clothing, healthy weight, 
frosted hair and a countenance that I could situate
It showed up in a game that we all could play
One that would push the truth up in such a way
That I could see, hear and feel
And value what it would reveal
It was different for me, or maybe it was the same
It gave me a mirror
And as I said it I could hear
The meaning that directed me for so many years
I was eager to share it with others
For I knew as I said it
It would pull out the weed
The one that had poisoned my heart from its true need
The need to be connected
To others in heart
To let down my guard
So I could be a part
A part of this world that we all do share
The one that has become somewhat dark in despair
It helped me decide to turn on my light
To share it with others, to make it more bright
To help build the message
It is not too late
I can now join in and appreciate
* written in Redding, CA 9/16
Copyright © 2016
by Marie A Warner 
All rights reserved.