Let’s Go Virtual!

Howdy, everybody!

I’d like to take a minute to remind everybody of Writers Forum’s on-line presence.

Since you are reading this, you obviously know about our blog/website. What you might not know is that we are also active on Facebook. We will likely be even more active in the future on Facebook. There will be daily updates on things of interest to Redding area writers. I also believe it will be easier for members to interact with each other there.

On Sunday, I posted this pic:


…along with an invitation for others to post pics of their relaxing spots to write. Go ahead! Share away!

This morning I discovered that our friend Simon Wood, a thriller author who has given two popular and successful presentations to Writers Forum, has just sold Book #1,000,000. I shared that to the Writers Forum’s Facebook page.

While everything that appears here on the blog will post to the Facebook page, not everything from the Facebook page will appear here. It’s the different nature of the two sites.

I encourage everybody to go to the Facebook page, check it out, and get involved. Comment on posts. Post pics from your phone. Talk with each other!

And again, in case you missed it, here is how you get there…





See you there!




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