Juan Felipe Herrera, America’s Poet Laureate

Juan Felipe Herrera, the Poet Laureate of the United States, will be speaking Wednesday,  September 7, at 7:00PM at Shasta College. Admission is free.

This is a great follow-up to the earlier reading by Dana Goioa, the California Poet Laureate. The North State is fortunate to have speakers of such high caliber. Juan Felipe Herrera, in fact, used to also be the California Poet Laureate.

Chloe Winston at Barnes & Noble

DSCN5939Writers Forum member Chloe Winston will be signing books at Barnes & Noble today in Redding at 1:00. Chloe’s third book, China Caper, has been released, and copies will be available for purchase, as well as her first two books, Argentine Assignment and Belize Barter.

Chloe uses her extensive travel experience as background for her Briana Fraser adventures. Much as Louis L’Amour used to do with his Westerns, if Chloe writes about a place in her books, you can be pretty sure that she’s actually been to that place in real life. Her descriptions reflect that sort of detail. Chloe loves to weave real world events into her novels, as well, which adds to the flavor of authenticity. For instance, in Argentine Assignment, Chloe weaves the truth of los desaparecidos, people who simply disappeared during that country’s political upheaval. Chloe’s second book, Belize Barter, opens with the death of Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez.

If you enjoy international thrillers, come and sample Chloe Winston’s tales!

See you at Barnes & Noble.


Redding Writers on the Radio

Today is Friday. Don’t forget to tune into Nancy’s Bookshelf on North State Public Radio this morning. Every week, Nancy Wiegman of Chico State University interviews authors of local interest, and especially writers from our area. In the past, she has interviewed authors such as Christy Largent, Steven T. Callan, and Sharon St. George.

I don’t know who Nancy’s guests will be today, but last week she spoke with Redding-area authors R.L. Seago and Shane Weisman.

R.L. Seago, or Robert, works in Redding and has written several novels, the latest of which is Tears of the Innocent. Seago draws on his military and medical background to craft taut thrillers.

Shane Weissman writes children’s books in rhyme reminiscent of Dr. Seuss. He also has classroom presentations which he gives at local schools. On last week’s program, Shane recited a large section of his work that he uses in his presentations. It was a joy to listen!

I listen to Nancy’s Bookshelf on 88.9 FM at 10:00.

Also, local author Chloe Winston will hold a book signing at the Redding Barnes & Noble tomorrow at 1:00. Her third novel in a series, China Caper, has been published and she will have copies available for purchase. I’ll post another reminder tomorrow, and more about Chloe’s delightful book series.

Have a great day!