Summer Newsletter

Okay, I know that you all went to your mailboxes on Saturday eagerly anticipating your July Writers Forum newsletter, and were shocked and perhaps even traumatized when it was not there.

Don’t worry, my friends. You haven’t missed anything. Just like the Writers Forum monthly meetings, the newsletter has gone on a summer schedule. The ‘Summer’ newsletter will be in your mailboxes later this month. The next newsletter will be in September,  and you should receive that in your mailbox back on schedule. ‘On schedule’ is around the first Saturday of the month; just in time for a reminder about the upcoming meeting.

I should point out, that just because there is only one newsletter produced over July and August, that does not mean that we do not need material over the summer. We could always use material for the newsletter.

  • Short stories and poetry
  • News about your writing success stories, such as publications or book signings. Heck, if you want to brag about finishing a first draft, we will cheer you on with that as well.
  • News items about local writers or book events. If you hear about something like that, don’t assume we know it, too. Pass it on!
  • Photos. I prefer running photos over clip art to dress up the newsletter. You would get a photo credit, and if you wish, extra copies of the newsletter so you pass them around for bragging to friends and family. Photos can be anything book or writing related.

Thank you, and enjoy the rest of your summer!

Your friendly neighborhood Newsletter Editor,


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