A Message from the President: October, 2015

Wow…  I had to be reminded of the President’s Message. After the failure of the September Newsletter, I am not quite on track for Writers Forum tasks.

Not to say I have forsaken WF tasks, just prioritized them. Big goal was to get the 11th Annual Authors Fair rolling again. Hopefully there will be an application in this issue. As I type this, it, the Fair is still subject to change, but at least we, er, I know where the new Mt. Shasta Mall owners AKA managers stand in relation to community events.

Sponsors for the Fair have also taken the proverbial “Left turn at Albuquerque” in that our old Co-sponsor, the Record Searchlight, has new owners also.  No longer under the umbrella of Scripps Howard, as it has been for many, MANY years, the paper recently was sold to Journal Media Group.

Which is a good move, in that Journal Media has its fingers in print, and only print. Scripps had many divisions, and funding of newspapers was taking a back seat to TV and Radio, Cable, Internet, etal.  I am not sure yet how the new dead-trees publisher is going to sponsor not-for-profit organizations. While our normal Advertising Rep is still with the paper, she took time off just when it dawned on me to check for policy changes.

Adding to the confusion was the search for a Newsletter Editor. Our old editor had to bail for new ministerial studies. We wish Ed Sulpice the best. And in the same breath, welcome our newbie, George Parker. So look out for changes in style and substance. It happens every time a new editor comes aboard.

Sigh… But life is good, and all things will work out.

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