A Message from the President: June, 2015

I am so proud of what gets accomplished when I sit back. This year the Writers Forum not only awarded a Five Hundred Dollar scholarship, but was able to afford two other Two Hundred Fifty Dollar scholarships. I was surprised when the Scholarship Committee announced multiple runner-ups; proof of the writing quality of our local high school graduating seniors.

Congratulations to Sydney Stinger of West Valley High. You can read her submission on our Website and our Newsletter later. As time goes by this summer, we should have the others; maybe with bios.

I don’t rightly remember exactly when our current scholarship program began, but it has been popular. In recent years, one of my biggest thrills was when an “English as Second Language” student won. Another highlight has been one school’s English class producing back-to-back winners.

And the Thank You letters!!!! Several brought tears.

Stay tuned for more details.


We will vote on the Proposed Bylaws at the June Meeting. Some highlights are: Changing Annual Meeting from March to June; changing number of visits allowed from three to two; changing term limits from one year back to two; changing requirements for Nomination Committee; other minor clarity changes.


Meanwhile, please ready yourselves for our twice-a-year Member Reads program. This is a chance to dust off an old favorite, or launch a new in-work piece to get a feel for how it lands.

Limited to five minutes, including introduction and scene setting, it is not a Speed Reading contest. While not an audition for Voice-Overs either, it is better if you read slowly for clarity and understanding. Timed out??? You can submit to our editors your reading in its entirety for publication.