Upcoming Events: Chloe Winston’s Book Signing

Today we’re featuring an excerpt from Writers Forum member, Chloe Winston.  You’re invited to join Chloe for her book signing on May 8th from 11:30-1:30 at Sportsman’s Express 76 located at 14385 Wonderland Blvd. in Redding.

An Excerpt from Argentine Assignment

by Chloe Winston

          Please let him be alone. He was angrier than before; I could tell from his voice. I didn’t hear any responses to his shrill comments, so maybe he was on his cell phone. That might mean there wasn’t another person with him. But I didn’t dare take that chance.
        From the unclear sounds of his side of the conversation, things weren’t going right for him. That meant they might go right for me. But maybe not.  When he walked through the door, he looked furious, which promised to make things worse. He didn’t pay attention, not even focusing on me.  Big mistake.
      No time. Go!  I went. Gripped the knitting needle more firmly; checked the pilot’s door.  Not a player–yet. I tossed the drape aside and faced the man. He tried to jump back, but he’d been coming so fast, with too much momentum. I was up against him. I jabbed him in the side so hard I felt the needle bend.Don’t break; not now. It was him or me. He leaned toward me, hands outstretched, then leaned back, breathing hard.  When he staggered against the wall, I pulled the needle out, hoping he’d bleed enough to slow him down.  Then I ran. And ran and ran.
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