Member Monday: Shadows by Jennifer Levens

Welcome back to Member Monday.  You deserve a little more poetry in your life and Writers Forum Treasurer Jennifer Levens is here to give you your daily dose. Welcome, Jennifer.


by Jennifer Levens

I walk the dog in the early morning, the sun barely risen

And it catches me low on the back and makes me fifteen feet tall

And so slender that I wish I could stay that way, thin and shapely an

Almost girlish in figure, lithe and agile striding along with dog in tow.


I go for a walk in the early morning, the sun barely risen

And it catches me on the hill as I walk into it and I can not

See behind me, so I miss the tall long slender person who is following me;


And the dog walks in front of me, sniffing here and there

For messages from his fellow dogs, unconcerned that his walking partner

Is longing for a younger slimmer self to match her thoughts and feelings as

She breathes the morning air and pictures herself loping with the dog over field and stream.

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3 thoughts on “Member Monday: Shadows by Jennifer Levens

  1. Our perceptions of self sometimes meet our elongated shadow, when we get that urge to achieve the goal of finding our former self. We’re out there somewhere, slimmer, lithe, agile, it just takes a bit of coaxing to find our path to that former image of youth and fitness! Maybe that walk with the dog is the start of something wonderful when that slimmer self catches up with you when you least expect it! 🙂

  2. As I watch the solid reveal its glassy, shiny self
    Beneath it lies a thick red mass
    I close my eyes to savor every second
    As it trickles on the red mass
    Dropping the temperature in there
    The sensation cannot be explained
    I open my eyes
    Behold! Ice on my tongue
    And a mirror before me

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