A Message from the President: April, 2015

I am tossed about what this month’s blurb is to be about. Years past I have over- used April Fool’s Day, depleting all the online stores of funny tales of absurd pranks. What to do, what to do?

I finally narrowed it down to one of two topics; or can I chance it to combine?

I am a retired Navy Chief. Birthed in 1776, it didn’t become official until April 1, 1893. Which raises the question, “Were we a joke?” Far from it!!!

“The chief petty officer is responsible for three facets of leadership relative to the men placed in his charge,” someone wrote. The effective discipline of their Sailors, the effective supervising of the work their Sailors perform, and finally, to act as an advocate for their Sailors’ best interests.* I excelled at sticking my neck out for the best interests of my gang. With only one seagoing chance to mess in the Goat Locker, I was the favorite of one Commanding Officer who referred to me as “Chief Teddy.” Yes, a long-past nickname caught up to me, as I am not Theodore. *Attributed to http://navylive.dodlive.mil/2015/03/31/happy-122nd-birthday-chief-petty-officers/

And the combo is the regretful news of a fellow sailor.

Past Writers Forum President Peter Wright passed away Wednesday, March 25. We shared the spotlight several years ago on a local radio show (along with member Linda Boyden).

Author of A Drop of the Hard Stuff…A Sea Captain’s Recovery from Alcoholism, I bought it several years ago, planning on reading it when the time was right: The time is right. I first skipped to the final three chapters about his recovery from this deadly disease, knowing he had over thirty years of sobriety. I knew some of his story, but not all of it. Now I am a third of the way through the background, tales of childhood, teen years, and the start of a long career as a seagoing merchant officer. Spoiler Alert: He retired sober!

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