A Message from the President: March, 2015

Oops. This is one of the months that I don’t have as much time as usual to write my President’s Message. Granted, February with twenty-eight days is an obvious short-writing month, but I usually recognize that early. But March is a sneaker.

Yep! I am whining about that one hour we skip. Note that I don’t get excited with the hour gained in the Fall.

The last few years the Spring Time Change has affected me. I have morning meetings that I kinda blow off during the winter because I am a slouch when it is not daylight when rising. The last few weeks I could almost get my butt up-and-about, but my mind plays mental tricks. Like in, don’t become a regular since after the time change I revert to the slouch role for a few more weeks until the sun catches up.

I am really good at reasoning.

It is interesting that Daylight Saving Time is mostly a Northern Hemisphere concoction. Another oddity is that Germany launched it first in 1916, yet it was another two years before the United States gave it a shot. And it didn’t stick, being repealed later nationwide with only a few major cities going against the grain.

But then forty days after Japan bombed Pearl,  we went overboard; not only did we bring it back, but we called it War Time all the time. For the duration of World War Two we never adjusted our clocks.

After the war, confusion reared its head when states could start-and-end DST at their whim. Congress was called in, and they established the Uniform Time Act. We have changed the start/stop times, but when states observe it, they all get up in the night on the same day.

Well, I got to practice getting up earlier, so have a writing-savings day.

2 thoughts on “A Message from the President: March, 2015

  1. Larry, I always enjoy your “Pesident’s Message.” You remind me of Colombo, the TV character who would invariably start with mundane and self deprecating details, only to end up with a bang. Love the history tidbits that you insert in your messages.
    Thank you.

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