A Message from the President: February, 2015

What If?

When my mind stagnates, I will play the What If? game.

As in what if tomatoes were poisonous as once believed?

What if the Pyramids had not been built?

What if the Americas were the hot-bed of civilization, and Europe, etc, were to be discovered?

What if Earth rotated the opposite direction? Or better, what if Earth rotated vertically?

What if we had four legs, yet had two arms?

What if we were faster than a speeding bullet? More powerful than a locomotive? Able to leap tall buildings at a single bound?

Ok, I admit that lately I have been hooked on the old TV Superman. Thankfully, I admitted it to certain people. Otherwise I would not have been turned on to Hollywoodland. And never would have known that the reason George Reeves never did anything after his stint as Superman was he, he … well, officially it was listed as a suicide, but the means were questionable.

This leaves me at a few more “What if?” scenarios. What if the movie had stuck with the original script title of Truth, Justice, and the American Way? What if George continued his career? And lastly, what if I had not lived in Burbank as a child?

See ya February 14 at the Special Simon Wood All Day thingie, and see others of ya and your guests February 11 Buyout Fundraiser at Riverfront Playhouse for Harvey.

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