A Message from the President: December, 2014

Our 10th Annual Authors Fair was a hit judging by the sales, comments, and lines at the tables. Most sold a few, some sold out and took orders for more, and EVERYONE made new friends among the authors. Many thanks to the volunteers, at all stages of the event from planning to execution, which made this possible.

Meanwhile, I am, while in between thoughts while composing this month’s President’s Message, figuring out how to imprint donated holiday cards for our service members for this year’s Red Cross “Holiday Mail for Heroes” program. In place for many years, it has evolved over those same years, changing names and procedures. This year you send your cards to your local or out-of-area-yet-of-choice Red Cross chapter; no longer is there a central drop or P.O. Box.

On tap for this month is our holiday finger-food potluck where members and non-members if there is time (usually is) can read for 5 minutes from published or in-work material. And our Webmistress gains fodder for Member Monday on our Website by using the expanded version of what you read. All you need to do is email your selection(s) to: writersforumwebmaster at gmail.com. Our newsletter editor also benefits if you email a copy to writersforumeditor at gmail.com.

Please, have a safe, sane, and most of all, joyful holiday season.

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