In Honor of September 11th is this by member Jim Barrett

“Take the hose up,” the Battalion Chief looked into the eyes of the fireman.

“Yes sir . . . but . . .

“But what”?

Others gathered around him. One said, “is it wise; all things considered?”

The BC gave his men the look, “you’re New York City Firemen, right?”

“Yes,” their chests puffed out.

“What choice do you have?” his voice leveled the playing field; there was no contrary response to that question.

“There is no choice,” one said.  “We have a job to do so let’s do it!”

They started up the stairwell—some carrying hoses—others moving forward more quickly. They didn’t know that others were leaping from windows, didn’t know that this building would soon collapse…hell…hadn’t really thought much about terrorists and didn’t understand why they would fly airplanes into buildings. But, they had fear in their eyes.

They were soon to learn the message of terrorism.

The building shuddered so they stopped on the stairs, looked up, stood aside for others who were running down the stairs.  “What was that?” one asked, holding onto a banister.

“I don’t know” . . . others answered.

And then it happened—the debris rained down upon them and they were gone…vaporized…soon to be mourned by others.

They didn’t know anything about terrorists.

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