Member Monday: Minnesota 2014 by Nancy Byrne

Welcome back to Member Monday.  It’s a pleasure to feature Writers Forum member and first time submitter, Nancy Byrne.  Welcome, Nancy!

Author’s Note: This was written in Minnesota in May of 2014, where I lived for over 29 years.  I call it “Minnesota 2014”

Minnesota 2014

by Nancy Byrne

I’ve known since I was young that I love long and hard and deep—it seeps into my bones and cones and moans and joneses on and on and on. The boys and men I’ve loved are very few—Tommy, Jim, John Byrne, Steve, John Byrne, Dan, John Byrne and John Byrne and John Byrne—mainly all my life I’ve loved John Byrne—through thick and thin, through romp and sin, through marriage and divorce, and in my dotage still, of course. It doesn’t change the life I have or want—apart we are and it’s OK—I couldn’t stay—not my way, to live in tight and coiled dreams.

My life needs to be widened beams of light and reams of open spaces—many faces; doesn’t change the love that races through my heart and through my veins for the man of then.  Now he’s tied to someone else—just as well—I cannot be tied.  I tried and tried and nearly died—my soul and body freedom breathes, but love speaks languages of other needs. Of other lives? Of other times and other trials, fierce denials—many riles and rails, and tales of woe and ‘go, go, go’ my soul would cry. My heart would sigh ‘I will die if I stay or if I go’ until the strength in me came slowly to the fro— and the voice said ‘when you know, you will go’…

Nineteen years it’s been since I left here, Apple Valley, Edgewood Lane—to stay sane, to stay alive, to even thrive—driving to and fro across the west, looking for the blessed best.

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