A Message From the President, May 2014


So the story goes something like this; “April showers bring May flowers.” But some years, it can be read as “April showers may bring flowers” — but not necessarily in May.

This year seems to prove it. Mid-April, the roses are going wild and the Kangaroo Paw is becoming recognizable as its namesake implies; Redbuds are going crazy and the Kale is blossoming its head off.

Who knew that letting that leafy green high-protein staple go wild would be such a beautiful sight? Well, one member did, since she posted a pic on Facebook and recounted how many years that it has been a show-off.

I know for certain that come May, all the flowers will be gone; but not the other intent of the poem. Some look at it as a metaphor; that a period of discomfort can provide the basis for a period of happiness and joy.

Ah…this leads me to one of the worse segues ever.

A period of Happiness and Joy will be yours after attending our 10 May meeting with essayist Virginia Castleman as she defines the types of essays and how to choose one suited for your purpose and potential market.

Until then, keep the plows in the dirt…

Larry Watters,
Writers Forum President

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