Member Monday: New Year’s Eve by Linda Boyden

Welcome back to Member Monday.  It’s a pleasure to feature a poem by poet, storyteller and children’s author, Linda Boyden.  You can purchase a hardback copy of Linda’s newest picture book Boy and Poi Poi Puppy at All About Books.

New Year’s Eve

By Linda Boyden

The year hangs on
like a ribbon dangling
from its paper spool,
tasting the swing
and sway of freedom,
yet with one end
tethered to the cardboard.

There are hours left
before the year can rest.
How to spend these
precious minutes?

Visit a forgotten soul.

Sweep away doubts.

Abandon regrets.

Mend a quarrel.

Overlook misfortune.

Accept grief but bury it.

Today will tick by
and the year will sigh
at its job well done
as it waits to be tucked
on the shelf of history.

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One thought on “Member Monday: New Year’s Eve by Linda Boyden

  1. Linda ~ I find it difficult falling asleep on New Years Eve, forever kissing the prior 12 months good-bye. I hesitantly close my eyes, knowing there’s no turning back the hands of time and yet, another year of opportunity always presents itself to address the items you’ve mentioned.

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