Happy New Year from the President

I hope that everyone not only survived the holiday period, but survived with fodder for writing. I know did. I am bursting at the seams with possibilities.

Our holiday readings at the last general meeting were awesome; great variety of writing and food! We had new members join so that they were guaranteed a reading slot.

It was mentioned the laughter at our Board Meetings could get us kicked out of the library (not really, but we do slide out of our chairs, roll on the floor and turn red). The board members have elected to roll over their terms, but if anybody is interested in joining this raucous group, they are invited to attend one (held the Thursday before the 2nd Saturday-General Meeting, the next one is January 9th). If we don’t scare you off, you are invited to contact our nominating committee chaired by Deborah Gilson to have your name added to the slate for upcoming elections in March. Below is how it is “officially” IAW our Bylaws.

5.8 Officers and Directors shall be nominated by a Nominating Committee …

At the meeting immediately preceding the March annual meeting, the Nominating Committee shall present the slate to the members. Other nominations will be received from the floor during the March annual meeting, at which time the vote shall take place.

5.9 All nominees must be members in good standing.

5.10 Officers and Directors shall be elected at the annual meeting each March by written ballot, except a written ballot is not required when only one person is nominated for an office. Only members in good standing are eligible for office. Election shall be by majority vote.
**Complete Bylaws are on our site as a PDF at Bylaws

We have some fantastic upcoming programs. Our Website now posts all upcoming programs, not just the immediate one. Please visit our new page Upcoming Attractions.

Until next month, keep your pen to the paper or your fingers on the keyboard.

Larry Watters

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