Young Writers Contest Second Place Winner: Caitlyn Harney

We’re back for a second week to feature another piece by a local young writer.  Caitlyn Harney tied for second place in the second Young Writers Contest, sponsored by Writers Forum and Enjoy Magazine.  The other second place piece was featured last Monday and the first place piece will be featured next Monday.  The theme of the contest was “The Gift”.  Congratulations to our three young writers and welcome, Caitlyn!

Just Keep Loving

by Caitlyn Harney

Caitlyn HarneyEaster 2011 was probably the most heartbreaking day of my life. It was the day my dog, Bodee, passed away. My parents got him before me, so he was with me for my whole life. For a while after that, my parents and I thought we would never get another dog. Well, we changed our minds this year. I wanted a puppy for my birthday, so my dad started looking.

One Friday night, my parents told me that the next day we would go to PetSmart and look at the puppies there. My dad had read online that Pets without Partners, a non-profit rescue adoption agency, was showcasing a litter of puppies they had received. There were about seven in the litter, and they were half Boxer, half Labrador Retriever.

On Saturday I excitedly waited with my parents at PetSmart for the litter to arrive. Soon, the store was filled with the yelping and howling of puppies. My dad told me to watch them in the kennels to observe their demeanor. As I surveyed the puppies in the kennels, my eyes rested on one puppy in particular. She was calmly sitting in the back of the kennel, not seeming to care that her siblings were nipping at her.

My dad asked the employee if we could hold her. When the employee placed the puppy in my arms (we found out the puppy’s name was Dorie, which means “gift”), I just knew that this was our puppy. I told my parents that I wanted her. Now, Dorie loves to snuggle with me anywhere, anytime.

As far as gifts go, I would say that Dorie is the greatest gift ever. After Bodee died, she reminded me that no matter what happens in life, just keep loving.

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