Young Writers Contest Second Place Winner: Kendall Jones

We’re breaking away from our typical Member Monday to feature a piece by local young writer, Kendall Jones.  Kendall tied for second place in the second Young Writers Contest, sponsored by Writers Forum and Enjoy Magazine.  The other second place piece and the first place piece will be featured the next two Mondays.  The theme of the contest was “The Gift”.  Congratulations to our three young writers and welcome, Kendall!

The Gift

by Kendall Jones

kendalljonesI guess I’ve always been lucky.  I’ve found over ten four-leaf clovers and I’m only ten.  The most special four-leaf clover though was my first one.  It all started when my mom brought me to one of my favorite places: the park. I was quite young then and full of energy.  It was then that I saw it, a perfect four-leaf clover alone (with no grass around) in a big brown lump of dirt.  I picked it and admired all the detail in each leaf.  In the car I thought of what I could wish for.  When we got home, I had decided.  I wished for magic beans.  For six long months I tried to forget about my wish, hoping that if I could forget about it, that it would come true.

One Christmas I will never forget is when I got a box with strange shaped beans that tasted sugary and fruity.  The beans were from the L.G. also known as the Leprechaun Guild, according to the note that came with the box.  In the note, it said that it took them so long to find the beans that they sent them with Santa to my house.  I ate all the beans except two.  I planted them both in the ground and the next day there were two giant lollipops sticking out of the ground, the same size as my face.  I gave one to my sister but in the end neither of us ate a lot.  There were ants.  This has been one of my greatest memories and I’ve felt lucky ever since I received the gift.

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