Success Story Saturday: Steve Brewer

Welcome to a new Writers Forum feature, Success Story Saturday.  As often as possible, we’ll be featuring Writers Forum members who have been published, won writing contests, or have otherwise found recent success as writers.  Writers Forum members, we want to celebrate with you so please send your success stories to  

Today we’re celebrating with former Writers Forum member, Steve Brewer.

a6d4d50c49960a7f0235be.L._V152738098_SX200_Former Writers Forum board member Steve Brewer recently signed a three-book deal with Alibi, the new mystery imprint at Random House.  The crime trilogy is set in Albuquerque, NM, where Steve now lives.  The books will be published under his new pen name, Max Austin, which comes from his two sons’ names.  First in the trilogy, DUKE CITY SPLIT, will be published in April.  Steve’s agent, Doug Grad, landed the three-book deal, working with Alibi editor-in-chief Dana Isaacson.  Random House also has an option on Steve’s next book after the trilogy.
In recent years, Steve’s vigorously pursued the self-publishing route, via both e-books and CreateSpace paperbacks (all available at Amazon), but he’s thrilled to be working with a big New York publisher again.
Congratulations, Steve!

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